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Why should I use lube?

Once you've tried lube, you’ll never want to go back. Even if you think you don’t need it you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes. Lube supplements natural moisture to give a smoother, more pleasurable experience. There’s so many types to try giving different sensations, we have a full range of lube including water-based, silicone-based, flavoured and lubes to give extra sensation too.

There’s plenty of times you should use lube too:

Lube is particularly useful with condoms. Although condoms come ready lubricated they can dry out when used for intense or long-lasting sex which increases the risk of them splitting.

When using toys we’d always recommend using a water-based lubricant, it’ll protect both you and them. Remember that silicone lubes shouldn’t be used with silicone toys, so always stick to water based!

Lube plays an important part in anal sex too, especially as the anus can’t lubricate naturally. There’s no such thing as too much lube when it comes to anal sex, it’ll make everything far more comfortable. We developed ID Backslide especially as an anal lubricant with a special thick silicone-based formula.

If there was any doubt left in your mind about lube, a study from Indiana University’s Centre for Sexual Health found that lube actually makes it 50% easier for men and women to orgasm – What’s not to love about that?!