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Skins Condoms Strawberry 12 Pack


Tantalise your tastebuds with the deliciously fruity taste sensation of Skins Strawberry Condoms!
12 Individually wrapped Strawberry flavoured Condoms for ease of use.
<li>No latex small
<li>Ultra-clear and thin condoms
<li>Natural feel
<li>Extra lubricated to make them super comfy and to offer better protection
<li>Contains natural rubber latex - sourced from the very best latex regions with the best rubber growing conditions
<li>Fit like a glove
<li>Super safe - tested to the very highest and most up to date European standards
Look good! Feel good! Enjoy naturally better sex with a condom that feels like it’s a part of you. So clear and thin, they feel like a second skin. Skins Condoms let you play safe without compromising the pleasure!
Also available in a pack of 4 or as part of the Skins Flavoured Assorted Condom Packs.