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Why do people use ID personal lubricants?

ID Lubricants are specially formulated to enhance personal pleasure and sexual comfort. ID are designed to help reduce friction during sexual encounters whether using solo or with or without condoms. When using condoms, proper lubrication helps prolong the integrity of the condom as well as increase overall stimulation. ID personal lubricant helps you enjoy safer and more pleasurable sexual experiences.

What makes ID Lubricants the clear choice over other lubricant brands?

All ID Lubricants products are manufactured in compliance with strict FDA guidelines for cleanliness and safety. In addition, every ID product is rigorously tested and formulated with the highest quality ingredients available. Unlike other companies, ID owns our own formulas which mean you’ll NEVER find another lubricant that matches the quality and integrity of our products. The premium ingredients that are used in every ID product ensure a long lasting, friction-free intimate experience.

Who needs ID lubricants?

The short answer is: everyone! ID is not defined by an age bracket, specific gender, or sexual preference. ID has an ever growing list of products that apply to any adult’s sexual wellness and satisfaction.


Can ID Lubricants help manage vaginal dryness?

Vaginal dryness or decreased lubrication is a common condition that may be caused by many factors such as stress, menopause, frequent sexual intercourse, pregnancy, after the birth of child or while breastfeeding, and for many other reasons. Other causes for decreased lubrication may include the side effects of some drugs including common medications such as over-the-counter and prescription antihistamines, oral contraceptives, ulcer medication, blood pressure medication, or antidepressants, to name a few. It is normal for women’s natural vaginal moisture to vary from time to time including during her menstrual cycle. Also, lack of or reduced lubrication is not a reflection of not being “turned on” by a partner either as there are many factors that are in play when needing a personal lubricant. Also, a small application of ID Glide in the tip of a condom will increase sensation for men and, because of interior and exterior friction, can significantly decrease the chance of the condom bursting at the tip which is where the majority of condom failures occur. Water-based ID Glide has been approved by the FDA as a 510(k) medical device to help supplement personal moisture and all of our other personal lubricants work equally as well.

What makes ID Stimulating Gel for her different from other brands?

ID Stimulating Gel for her (also known as “Stim Gel”) is different because of the active ingredients in the product. The active ingredients include ginseng, passion flower, yohimbe, niacin and vanillyl butyl ether, or VBE. ID Stim Gel is applied to the clitoris and because our ID Stim Gel is a topical (not absorbed into the skin), it can easily wash off when she’s done.

What are the differences in ID Lubricants water-based, silicone and oil-based products?


ID Lubricants water-based products {ID Glide, ID Pleasure, ID Sensation, ID Moments, ID Moments Warming, Juicy Lube and Frutopia are all designed to provide long lasting, friction free intimacy. With water-based lubricants, the water may evaporate with friction and will usually require infrequent re-application or reactivation with water or saliva. ID Lubricants water-based products are non-staining and leave no sticky or tacky feel without any left over residue. If needed, they also clean up easily only using water.

ID Lubricants silicone products {ID Millennium, ID Velvet, and ID Moments Silicone} provide longer lasting and water resistant uses than our water-based products. Because our ID Lubricants silicone lubricants do not dissolve in water, they are great for use in pools, hot tubs or the bath. On another note, silicone lubricants may stain delicate fabrics and may require extra care during laundering. Generally, higher end detergents with built-in degreasers will remove ID Lubricants silicone formulations from fabric.

ID Lubricants offers one oil- based product, ID him Cream, which is specifically designed for long lasting personal play. ID Lubricants him Cream provides a uniquely sensual experience that cleans up easily with water and leaves behind no oily residue. ID him Cream contains the moisture-rich ingredients of mineral oil, petrolatum, and lanolin and is available in unscented and leather scented. ID him Cream is also great for moisturizing hands and feet and the leather scent also works as a leather conditioner that even “recharges” the leather scent of the product.


Also, oil-based lubricants such as ID him Cream should not be used in conjunction with condoms as the oils can break down condoms, reduce their effectiveness and may even cause breakage. Oil based lubricants should also not be used vaginally as the oily ingredients do not flush out of the body as easily as water-based or silicone lubricants

What is the difference between ID Juicy Lubes and ID Frutopia?


ID Juicy Lubes are fun flavored lubricants that are sweetened with saccharin and aspartame, both artificial sweeteners used in countless food products. ID Frutopia uses only natural flavors that are derived from the fruit themselves and contains no artificial sweeteners or sugars. The sweetness in ID Frutopia is what you’d taste when you enjoy the fruit itself. In fact, ID Frutopia is so pure, it’s vegan!


Are there any animal based products found in any of the ID brand products?

ID Lubricants are all free from animal based products with the exception of ID him Cream which contains lanolin*. The glycerin used in all ID lubricants water-based formulas are manufactured with vegetable glycerin derived only from plants. All other ingredients in our products are derived from either plant or synthetic sources.

ID Lubricants him Cream is formulated with lanolin, a natural wax found in sheep’s wool. Lanolin is extracted AFTER the wool has been sheared from the sheep and is forced through extractor rollers. There is no harm done to the animals and lanolin is considered a by-product of the wool industry.


Can ID Lubricants products be used with condoms?

ID Glide is approved by the FDA as a 510(k) medical device for use with condoms, both latex and polyurethane. All of our products, excluding the oil-based him Cream, are safe to use with latex products including latex gloves and dams.


Are ID Lubricants adult toy safe?

All ID Lubricants water-based formulas can be used with any toy that is used internally or externally. ID lubricants water-based formulas are safe for skin-like textured toys, glass, hard or soft plastic and all rubber toys. ID silicone formulas can be used with glass, TPR and TPE rubber toys (thermo plastic rubber and thermo plastic elastomer) and hard plastic toys (please be careful when using glass toys with silicone lubricant because of the excessive slipperiness of the two). Because silicone toys such as dildos and vibrators are manufactured with different types and formulas of silicone, we suggest using only water-based lubricants with silicone toys. The reason for this is that some silicone toy ingredients can dissolve with silicone lubricants, creating a sticky surface which cannot be washed off and will ultimately destroy the toy.


Are ID Lubricants safe to use if I am trying to conceive?

ID Lubricants products are not spermicides nor do they contain any spermicidal ingredients. As with most topical lubricants, use will inhibit the mobility or movement of sperm. Our recommendation is to limit use to the outer area of the vagina during attempted conception and it is always advised to consult your doctor to determine their recommendation as well.

Can I use ID Lubricants in conjunction with spermicidal lubricants?

ID Lubricants do not contain any spermicides and in general, we do not recommend the use of any ID lubricants product in conjunction with a spermicidal lubricant. Using another lubricant can dilute the spermicide and greatly reduce the effectiveness of the spermicidal ingredients.


Will using any of the ID Lubricants products cause a yeast infection?

No. Glycerin, a major ingredient in several of our lubricants (excluding the ID Moments line of glycerin- and paraben-free lubricants and ID silicone lubricants) and is often confused with being a sugar because it does have a sweet taste although it is NOT a sugar nor contains sugar. Glycerin, sometimes referred to as glycerine or glycerol, is a tribydric alcohol. The terms glycerin, glycerine and glycerol are often used interchangeably as ingredients and is non-toxic and non-irritating in its varied uses. Glycerin is derived from natural sources and ID uses only vegetable derived glycerin in our products.


Glycerin itself is not the cause or exacerbates a yeast infection (which is a common belief) since glycerin can metabolize in the liver into glucose (a sugar). Because glycerin is an alcohol, it cannot be converted to glucose in the vagina. Also, many over-the-counter treatments for yeast infection contain glycerin which again proves its efficacy as an ingredient in lubricants.


I have found that I am very sensitive to certain lubricants so are there any ID lubricants products that are recommended for people with sensitivities?

There are many different reasons why a person may have sensitivity to a personal lubricant. For consumers who are unable to use regular lubricants without irritation, ID Lubricants has developed a line of gentle lubricants to satisfy their needs. The ID Moments products are gentle and safe enough for everyday use and contain no glycerin or parabens. ID Moments is our water-based and hypoallergenic formula, ID Moments Warming water-based lubricant is also glycerin- and paraben-free provides an extra special tingle. Hypoallergenic ID Moments Silicone lubricant only contains three different silicones with no glycerin or parabens or other ingredients.


What if I accidentally swallow my ID lubricants?

All ID Lubricants products are non-toxic and not harmful if ingested.


Do ID Lubricants stain fabrics?

ID Lubricants water-based lubricants do not contain any dyes or artificial color that would stain fabrics. ID Lubricants silicone lubricants may stain or leave a residue on gentle fabrics and to remove these stains, use a detergent that contains degreasing agents or add a small amount of powdered dish soap to the laundry. Most silicone residue can be removed with proper laundering methods. If in doubt, test a drop or two of the lubricant in an inconspicuous spot and launder it to see if it leaves a stain.


Where can I purchase ID Lubricants products?

ID Lubricants can be found at adult specialty shops and retail boutiques around the world and selected varieties of our products can also be found in major drug stores.